Saturday, October 13, 2007

He’s the Song in My Heart--Written September 17th, 2007

George picked up his guitar, positioned himself on the end of the bed and began strumming a tune. He does not schedule his mini concerts so you never know when he will bless the room with his therapy of melody. I was due at work in a couple of hours and needed to get my routine going, starting with my shower. So, I placed the lid down on the toilet and plead, "Come sit in here and play." That he did. No complaints about the toilet seat being too hard, he just moved his concert from the bedroom to the bathroom free of charge.
First, he played an old tune by Ray Charles that he always plays for me when he picks up his shapely friend, "Hallelujah, I Love Her So." He has sung that to me since the beginning of our relationship 23 years ago. I never tire of hearing it. Even as I think about his dedication to this sweet tradition, it brings tears to my eyes. He never sings it out of "have to" and he sings it with feeling as if it is a tribute to his little woman. I am blessed.
So, he creates an atmosphere in my lowly bathroom that makes the dreaded going to work routine somewhat inspiring. I am taking a shower talking to God about my husband, relaxed, unconcerned with the upcoming eight hour shift.
He has created tunes that make my life hum. Just as his being my life partner compliments my life. His music is an intricate piece in my puzzle. And so I found myself making the shower last longer so I won't have to end the inspiration coming from the other side of the shower curtain. He doesn't complain…I believe I inspire him, too.

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Mrs. Who said...

What a sweet post! I had no idea he serenaded you like that!