Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Which way do we go, George?

We went from living together for a year, then married and living together for 26 years, then divorced, but together living apart now for five years. I can’t explain it and don’t really feel the need to even try. Sometimes though when certain paperwork has to be filled out, or when I introduced George to someone, there is a strong need to be truthful. If I say this is my husband, George then my conscience says, you’re divorced. When I say this is my ex-husband ,George, then my conscience says, he’s not your ex, he’s your partner. When I say, this is my friend, George, my conscience, who presents itself as Donald Duck, starts throwing files around, exclaiming proof of how George is much more than a friend.
Status papers take no place over history.

So Happy 32nd Anniversary to George, you know, the guy I love and with whom I share my life.