Thursday, April 9, 2009

Timely Revelation she's embarrassed walking back from her turn at striking, disengaging and drawing her tazer...after she had some kind of brain front of 30+ competitive macho male officers...she's noticing a few heads shaking in what appears to be disgust...and this real gentlemen looks at her and sees the turmoil her psyche is experiencing...and says nonchalantly something to the extent of, "It's okay, different people have different strengths. And well...a needed revelation for this ole timer...each time the scene is replayed in her head, she just reminds herself... Yeah...Different people have different strengths.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Feline

Our cat wears the pajamas in this house...
,,,sometimes I think it must be nice to lounge around the house all day in pajamas.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Keep your face to the sun, and you cannot see the shadow"

The top of my head feels like it is going to crack…maybe it’s the sudden spike in blood sugar as after 2 cups of coffee and breakfast in bed after missing dinner last night. I’m dressed to run but I’m drawn to the sun spot on the carpet at the base of my bedroom window. So I lay down on it… warmth is always soothing. After propping my feet up on the window sill, my cat decides it’s going to have to be shared and gets me to adjust and make room for her. Any open window is hers…I should have known that. Lying on the floor looking up into the sky, the trees that are taller than our house are still naked…the sun is exposing the dirty windows in need of spring cleaning and dust is floating through the air. It’s comes natural to me to start worrying about when things will get done…and then amidst the worried thoughts I see a five inch rainbow on my curtain…caused by the same sunshine that is exposing the dirt…and I am reminded of His promises…He makes all things good…and as I focus on the rainbow I began to hear the birds singing merrily…and I see a chickadee in the naked branches flitting to and fro…and I know there is a lesson in this…a little birdy told me so.