Thursday, December 3, 2009

Maybe Angels Whistle...

Moma is back in the hospital...bleeding in her intestines...looking at whether she is strong enough for surgery...She's been able to be involved in so many things since she stopped talking the cancer treatment. One of those decisions that is big and scary.
Yesterday as I left her at the hospital, it was raining, cold and dreary. I had Moma on my mind, the Lakewood officers and stress was dragging me down...I felt like I was walking thru mud to get to my car. I crossed the pedestrian walk just behind a woman carrying a blue and white polka dot umbrella that reminded me of Ms Beasley. She was quite a few steps in front of me, but I could hear her whistling. As I got closer to her, I recognized the tune from years past. Growing up in a country church we sung old hymns, most of the time without music...and I began singing the whole song as I got into the truck...and began driving home...of course, I got a little teary eyed as I thought about the words, my stresses and worries...but also because God is funny how He speaks to's not everyday that angels in polka dots whistle "Trust and Obey"