Friday, September 28, 2012

Daisy Loves Pink Piggie

So I bought a little squeaky pink pig toy about a month ago. You know, jokingly, "I smell bacon," --pig/cop-- pink/female...Daisy apparently has adopted it. Of course, I bought it for her. But expected her to chew it up within a day...and for the longest time, she has been so loving with it. Carrying it outside with us to sit on the porch, always careful to bring it back in with her. Bringing it from room to room. She holds it so gently in her mouth that it rarely squeals squeaks. I told George about it when I first got it, that Daisy was being very protective with it and he even said, "Well, don't leave it out for Autie, it won't last." But even Autumn treats it with respect, and holds it gently in her mouth, too. Daisy is always concerned when Autie has it and as soon as she puts it down Daisy retrieves it.

I thought it was passing so I could kick myself for not documenting the golden history as it went along.

I’m waiting to find it floating in her water bowl…thinking she's watering it.

It’s the gentle mother licks that get me. She is so kind to it.

Last night...when I came in from work, Daisy didn't greet me. Which is unusual but "every dog has it's day," right?

I get in bed. Lights out. She sits up with concern and I'm thinking, "Geez girl. If you had to pee you shoulda got up before I was under the covers."

She jumps up and runs to the bathroom. In the dark. Comes back with pink piggie. Jumps on the bed with it, lying it down in front of her, gives it gentle licks. I shifted my feet and accidentally knocked it off the bed!!! If looks could kill. She jumps off the bed, again, retrieves it and brings it to the pillow to rest. 

      took this this morning...turned over and there she is...She got up this morning and checked on it.

                                                              How to cuddle with a pig

and I truly don't know if my Daisy has become neurotic and if I should discourage the behavior or if it's just passing motherly instincts.

She wouldn't get up this morning, so I went back to encourage her and bless, her furry tail, she had to bring pink piggie with her. 

So, after she eats...she gets pink piggie and lays her by the back door and then goes out and lays in the rain...I'm assuming, the rain is not good for baby pigs.

and keeps a close eye on her. Later, while I'm typing away here and believe me, it feels good to be doing so...Daisy brings pink piggie to me as if it's my watch and goes back to the mat to lay inside out of the rain. So, I'm thinking perfect opportunity for me to photograph and let you see Pink piggie's face.
As soon as I started handling the piggie, she was up and moving toward me to take it away. I'm again assuming but maybe Daisy is not a fan of putting youngsters photos online.

And that's the pink piggie news for the day...I'm going to try not to let my day be consumed by documenting the activities of the day. But thought you might like to know, underneath that beauty, Daisy has a neurotic side and it's not just devoted to "chuckit" balls...I'm thinking about buying her a whole litter.