Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And What Is Rain?

He wrote shortly after he left: "raining"

She responded:
and what is rain ... but a wet love showered upon us ... We can receive with reserve or embrace it passionately ...  today as I worked in the garden ... as the showers lightly fell ... I thought of how YOU have taught me to embrace rain passionately ... my garden inspires me to listen as I see what rain is capable of providing ... I will sleep knowing if it rains I can receive more blessings and my heart will be full just as my rain bucket becomes ... spilling over onto thirsty ground.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother's Day Poem from 2001

*Never Enough*

Sometimes I know the words to say,
Give thanks for all you’ve done,
But then they fly up and away,
As quickly as they come.
How could I possibly thank you enough,
The one who makes me whole,
The one to whom I owe my life,
The forming of my soul.
The one who tucked me in at night,
the one who stopped my crying,
the one who was the expert,
At picking up when I was lying.
The one who saw me off to school,
And spent sad days alone,
Yet magically produced a smile,
As soon as I came home.
The one who makes such sacrifices,
To always put me first,
Who lets me test my broken wings,
In spite of how it hurts.
Who paints the world a rainbow,
When it’s filled with broken dreams,
Who explains it all so clearly,
When nothing’s what it seems.
Are there really any words for this?
I find this question tough...
Anything I want to say,
Just doesn’t seem enough.
What way is there to thank you,
For your heart, your sweat, your tears,
For ten thousand little things you’ve done,
For oh-so-many years.
For changing with me as I changed,
Accepting all my flaws,
Not loving ‘cause you had to,
But loving “just because.”
For never giving up on me,
When you wits had reached their end,
For always being proud of me,
For being my best friend.
And so I came to realize,
The only way to say,
The only thank you that’s enough,
Is clear in just one way.
Look at me before you,
See what I’ve become,
Do you see yourself in me?
The job that you have done?
All your hopes and all your dreams,
The strength that no one sees,
A transfer over many years,
Your best was passed to me.
Thank you for the gifts you give,
For everything you do,
But thank you, Mommy, most of all,
For making dreams come true.
Your Daughter
(Ariel was 15 at the time. It is treasured on every read)

And being a Mother was my have five children and marry a George...I am truly blessed by all the six as mentioned in this 2012 post.
Happy Mother's Day!
May you know your worth. More precious than rubies.