Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are...there's one in all of us

We got to see the movie yesterday...with some special "wild things" and it was a hit! Just like most movies there is controversy over acceptable content. I read some reviews this morning...after I fed the "doggie wild things"...and while my "grand wild things" are "romping" about the bedroom...awake..but not ready to surface. The reviews weren't I thought I'd right my own...I will try to write it in such a way that you are informed but the movie isn't spoiled for you.
How can people who read the book...go to the movie and not know what they are going to see. It shouldn't be a surprise...the book is about an imaginative boy, who acts like a kid (that's why the darn wild things have parents) who lets his imagination "grow" and take him away into a wild monster filled land, that allows him to have his way...agree? Well...guess what...the movie has the same concept...
Clue...If your child wasn't happy with the book...then they probably won't be happy with the movie...just saying.
To keep from spoiling the movie...I'll be brief...Max is a youth that has a great imagination...feels lonely...and resents the activities of his sister and mother...because they are not involving him. He acts out (imagine, a youth acting out because they are not getting their way, negative attention will suffice) He does take off running from Mom...but guys he comes back...maybe get with the timeline...He runs out of the house at supper time...comes back and eats his supper before the days ends...His imagination was rolling during that hour, remember...
Max identifies with the monsters...Carol is a monster that wants his way...gets mad at those he loves when he doesn't get his way...and learns by the end of Max's adventure on the island that his behavior is not getting him what he wants. He feels remorse for ill behavior...awesome concept. Max gets to face the reality that everyone is different...they perceive and respond differently...and it's all good. There's team work...there's accomplishments...there's lesson's...there's humor...strange humor...and there's wild wild...that one of my "grand wild things" who wishes to remain anonymous, got so involved with the wild rumpus that he begin kicking the seat in front of him, which prompted the patron in that seat to remind him it was occupied...
We had lots to talk about after the movie...we even talked about it more during dinner...which by the way I skipped the frozen corn...they loved it! We have howled and howled...we have talked about Max's explosive episode in the kitchen with his mother...we have pulled quotes from the movie and made each other"that was my favorite arm" and "it's just a dog, don't feed it or it will follow you around."
One good clue for those of you who are planning to take your children...if they weren't happy with the book...they probably won't be happy with the movie...and a 2 year old...wouldn't be ready for the's rated PG for a reason. The "grand wild things" that Papa and I took to view it...were old enough to understand and reason.
If anything...the door is open to discuss how WE ALL (adults/parents included) want to act out sometimes...and how it can affect those around us...and better ways to handle our feelings.
Max is a precious boy. He was adorable, imaginative and growing wise...Several times during the movie, I leaned over and stated to Papa, how precious he was. Maybe, it's because I haven't raised perfect children that I can see precious beings in wild containers.

And it was good...all good.

Did you see it? Whatcha think?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Still Got It!...(with a little help from my friend)

There was a time when you could find me out with up to 10 babies/children/youths, a mixture most of the time...It was nothing for me to take them to the park, on a hike or to the swimming pool, etc. This morning Scarlet was going to take Mom to her doctor appointment and Becky had an appointment for her car. So...I volunteered to meet Scarlet and Becky at Fayette Mall, at 0915 take their younguns (both almost 2 years of age) to the play ground and go sight seeing. This I did until 1225. I'm still alive. Both children are safe and taking naps (at least Emily is right now... Ethan looked like he might zonk on the first roll of the wheels when his moma drove off with him)...visually overstimulated and not wanting the adventure to stop. We talked about mannequins without faces, without heads, remote helicopters, read books, romped on the playground several times, had a snack in the food court, went outside for a walk, looked at statues, flowers, listened to the birds and sang songs...The five little monkeys swinging in the tree, teasing Mr. Alligator, is definitely their favorite! For three hours...Hey, I still got it!
A little secret though...right before I left the house...I called my neighbor, Delva...who has five children, including a set of twins...and she let me borrow the BMW of all strollers. I'm not sure how my adventure would have turned out had I not had that little/big help from my friend! Bless you, Bless you, Delva!!!

As I was getting out of the truck this morning at the Mall...Air1 was talking about a woman who went to the hospital thinking she was having a stroke...she was 41...turns out...she was in labor...and didn't even know she was pregnant...I WILL TAKE THREE HOURS WITH TWO - TWO YEARS OLDS ANY OLE DAY!!!!