Monday, August 25, 2008

New Music Video

Check out Anna's first music video...She is Awesome...John did an Excellent job!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2008


*I know I sound rediculous and I'm standing all slouched...but...I had to post it! I was pretty sure Emme would out shine me anyway. :O) Besides, the clips were too big to email to Becky and I wanted her to see her little princess.*

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Employee Extra

Squeezed in there between two males is a little woman who is living a big dream...and though she may seem behind the scenes she will be making big waves.
And be advised...she will be fighting crime and suppressing evil, by God.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Want to contribute to a GOOOOOOD thing?

PLEASE go to the link, fill out the registration and vote for Shelly Cole. Shelly was in the youth group I was a part of years ago, some may already know her. There couldn't be a better candidate for this contest! You can watch her video clip on the page that the link takes you to...and see for yourself. it soon...B4 August 24th!!!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tripping at the Gorge

It was a beautiful day.

"Molly Pebbles"

Silas fishing with Papa last swing....

Early today,right after the hike to the overlook...while trying to save Jacob from a mad swarm of ground he was taking a leak in the woods...I acquired two to the palm of my left hand and the right forearm. I think if I hadn't have taken the "sting" Jacob would have suffered some serious pain...and emotional damage...if you know what I mean.
It still burns now some six hours later.
Dang ground hornets! NOT my photo...I wouldn't waste my time documenting their existence!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Latest Family Photo

Check it out...
It has been a very busy day.
I have great support
I am blessed.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Slight Distraction...

Watching Emme B today for a few hours...

Let's see study...or ... play with Emme...:O)

What would you rather do?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Much Needed Break

Last night after a "riotious" day at work Papa and I met some friends at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville for dinner and a play. The play was absolutely hilarious!

Outdoor stage
Love, Sex and the IRS by BillyVan Zandt and Jane Milmore July 22 – August 2
Two guys in New York room together, but to save money Jon has been filing tax returns listing the pair as married. IRS man Mr. Spinner comes to investigate and Jon's mother, financee and ex-girlfriend drop in, with complications sure to multiply! Rated PG.

Papa, Ed and Robbie

"Pujo" and me

Nancy, I hate that you would not able to make it...Feel better soon!!!

THEN...this morning we got up bright and early and heading to Salt Lick...first stop was the:
Clear Creek Shooting Range

4 shooting tables and four targets for both pioneer and modern weapons.

Posts for hanging targets at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards.
Fee $5
2008 Recreation Schedule and Fees (pdf)
From Salt Lick, turn right on KY 211, go 3.5 miles to Forest Road 129, turn left and go 2.7 miles past Clear Creek Furnace to Forest Road 909. Turn right on 909, parking will be 1/2 mile on left.

3 magazines of 6 and all 18 are on target...I have progressed! Course, I shot more than that...and continued to stay on target...just didn't take any more photos.

From there we went to Tater Knob ...if you ever go...and I recommend you do...Be prepared to climb a lot of steps (200 to the base of tower), even before you reach the tower (45 steps to the top). You'll be rewarded with a spectacular view and sore leg muscles the next day. Makes the ole legs kinda shaky

Pa is actually NOT comfortable with the height!

Then we stopped by Slate Furnace

View up the stack

...and we still had time to stop and be a good samaritian...

every since Academy...I have a soft spot for turtles...

To clarify: I studied for my exam on the ride to Danville, Pa quizzed me. I listened to my Spanish words on the way back...I studied note cards and quizzed myself through the morning...we got home by 2pm and I have been working off and on with my studies...I have not neglected them although it looks like I have...Pa and I just took a mini vacation...It's all good!