Friday, April 11, 2014

So, Just How High Can a Turkey Fly?


I was sitting on one couch with Ricky, Daisy on the other...drinking my coffee and chatting with my big sis on the phone. When Daisy came alive and starting barking like a hooligin at the back door. I'm thinking meter reader, right? I go to the back leaving Ricky on the couch (not cool with a cat in the house BUT I think when bird's see cats they scream out something like, "Taw a putty tat!!!" so I wasn't worried about that as much as I was about a possible intruder in the back yard). Daisy was so upset I had to disconnect from the phone...and concentrate on locating whatever had Daisy in a bind. Couldn't see a thing...Which is odd. Daisy is not a story telling like some dogs are.

And then I located it...a turkey...tip toe-ing through Daisy's domain. Of course, I ran and got my camera. No worries, I gave a quick glance toward Ricky as I passed by. He was alerted to all the action but safe.

Tip Toe-ing through Daisy's yard
And well, when I came back to the kitchen window, I learned there were two intruders.
So I shot BOTH!!!!!
Just so I could have turkey to share with YOU!

and like that they were gone...Daisy wanted out soooooooo very bad.
And that was not an option as I was so concerned she would run
helter-skelter into the road after them because she was so keyed up.
Grateful that Pika is way too lazy to get up and join the excitement,
I put Ricky back into his habitat to collect himself.
I'm certain barking is to Ricky as squalking is to Daisy.
I kept Daze in for a time...but she continued to stay at the back door in solider mode.
"Okay, Daisy, but I'm going out there with you and you best better NOT run toward the road.
And she darted out the door...
toward the field.
And I felt a relief.
But I had let my guard down...and was unable to shoot the next event...
Somehow Daisy knew there was a third intruder in the tree line of the field.
And I only became aware of the same as I saw her flush him out.
I said out loud as I watched it unfold...
"Just how high can a turkey fly?"
I watched as it flew over 50 foot above the trees...a goofy-majestic bird...looking like it could kerplunck with it's chubby physique at any moment...the bird that George reminds me everytime we see one..."was the first choice for the national bird"
Yep, Just how high CAN a turkey fly?
 "Just as high as he needs too!" I answered myself.
And Daisy came running back so excited about her mission...
and expecting praise for purging the property.
And she got what she was looking for.
She always does.