Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Daisy Filled Morning

So, Daisy lost her ball...and this morning as soon as the day began, after the routine morning wake up, she brings this rope to me, (as depicted in the first photo) and says, "You know, Moma, me having to settle for this rope instead of waking up to my ball is like you having to settle for a glass of tea instead of your treasured coffee."

I have to say, I felt her pain.

So, we went on a hunt for her beloved ball and found it under the bed. She eagerly followed me to the laundry room to retrieve the broom, saying, "Now, we're talking, Now we're talking!" (You know when dogs get real excited, they repeat themselves).

Ball from under the bed, I bounced it a few times for her to jump up and catch and then posted in the bed with MY morning treasure and began to sip.

Daisy jumps in the bed...and of course, gets in my face and has a total different expression from 10 minutes before (as depicted in the second photo). I was vaguely reminded of the importance balls play in life (click on the link later and read). I remind her it's Moma's "me time" and so as the last photo captures, she posts waiting again for "her time."

*Click on the photo to get a larger version...her expressions are pretty freaking adorable.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Keeping my Head Above the Clouds.

I was able to tread water yesterday…barely keeping my head above the waves, looking for any passing object that I could grab a hold of to steady my struggle…

And eventually the day ended. I went to bed with a smile. (You should always smile when you lay down for the night…it makes your sleep sweeter).

This morning, as I prepare for an extremely busy day, Daisy told me it was safe for me to toss ball with her so we ventured outside with “the ball” and “the coffee.”
She’s right you know I am able to throw ball without it hurting. Daisy is so doggone smart! Of course, as she runs through the field on her retrieve and return mission, I am left to sip my coffee and absorb the morning.

Big grey clouds were blowing across the skies, presenting a chance of rain, but blowing by so quickly the chances were slim. Huge grey clouds tossed by the wind, hovering; threatening to make for a gloomy day.

But if I shifted my gaze…cause it was like a 3D picture…and looked beyond the threat of gloom, I could see the baby blue sky with virgin white summer clouds, that look like puffy cotton. One sky, two views. Today I think I’ll focus on the promise that hangs in view behind the grey.