Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Special Valentine...

Bath time is complete…goodnight hugs are given to everyone in the house…we head to the bedroom where Emily grabs The Gingerbread Man and Goodnight Moon and tossing them into her bed…I began to scroll through my iphone for my “Emily” album…it’s an album of nothing but repeats of Brahms’ Lullaby cause I know it’s coming…Emily then pulls the little collapsible stool from beside her bed and opens it, pats it and says, “La, La, Mimi, La, La” and I assure her, I’m staying to sing to her and she climbs in bed. As I sit down I hit play and Brahms’ Lullaby begins.

Emily hands me The Gingerbread Man first and we start to read. She helps me turn the pages and listens intently. Winston wanders in the room and stands looking at Emily. I move the book and he moves in towards her and licks her face goodnight. We go back to reading…finishing the first and start on Goodnight Moon…she points at the “cows jumping over the moon” and asks about the “young little mouse” and waits patiently for me to read “and the little ole lady whispering, hush” so she can say, “hush” with her finger up to her mouth. Daisy wanders in and wishes Emily a good night’s rest and sits and listens to the La, La, La in the background….
And the stories end…

Emily begins to ask to kiss Papa again…and I remind her she did already…so she opens her arms and says, “Papa.” And I remind her that she did hug Papa already and can hug him more in the morning when the sun wakes up.

She snuggles in the bed allows me to cover her and I began putting words to the tune of the “La La La” music playing in the background…Winston and Daisy hearing me sing, come into the room again and sit beside me…Pikachu wanders in the room and jumps on the bed and peers over Emily laying under the covers…and everyone is wishing Emily goodnight…and she drifts away into peaceful sleep where I pray she dreams of love and special things.