Thursday, August 29, 2013

Capturing Life...Just Peanuts

Peanut has been with us since Sunday. His family was able to go on a trip so special with Sophia (Read about Sophia Grace on Facebook under Sophia's Journey). He was elected to vacation here on the 100 Acre Wood. He’s adjusted quite well. I learned right off when Peanut doesn’t get his way, he acts out. I’ve raised six children…I got this.
Peanut liked it here...right off...I placed him on the lead shortly after his being here and he did not want to come in. Just enjoyed lying out staring into the field, meditating enjoying the air.
                                                             Peanuts first hours here

Peanut’s insistent barking responded well to Mr. Squirt Bottle. This I didn’t figure in until after the second night of serious sleep deprivation. Once figured in, we sleep straight through the night Mr. Squirt Bottle on guard at my bedside table. Peanut’s crate within reach of, let’s say the long arm of the law. I’ve not had to use it during the night because the day I figured it out was Tuesday, when Cora and Grace were here. I used it once as Cora slept and now Peanut just has to see it standing guard and compliance comes naturally. The rumble mumble that took the place of the barking is so much more pleasing to the ear.

From Monday evening, the second day, I have let Peanut off his lead to play ball in the field. He enjoys playing ball just as much as Daisy and Autumn and his focus stays with it. In fact he is very aggressive and tries to catch all of Daisy’s throws and his. In this setting the barking is permitted…outside where there are no walls to bounce the sound around. I throw the ball to Daisy, he runs after her and it barking like crazy, “It’s mine! It’s mine! I got it! I got it! Most of the time Daisy has it before he gets there so he’s ready to see where his throw is going next. They will play over and over…and now I’ve added another to the line that stands looking at the top of the refrigerator at the “Chuckit” requesting ball time.


Peanut loves to ride and I take him with me somewhere every day. On a Starbucks run, to Papa’s, to the dog park, etc. He’s a good rider, too. It’s obvious he’s a “let’s go” kinda dog.

                                                              National Dog Day

Tuesday, evening we went to Coldstream Dog Park. Perfect gentleman…didn’t bark at the other dog that was there, in fact, for a brief time decided walking with them was more exciting than walking with the two blonds he arrived with. We played ball (hid the balls so we could chance venues) and then walked a lap. It amazes me the focus these canines have for a ball. When we completed the lap, all three lined up and were ready to get their leash.

Peanut understands the Pika rules here now. At 13 years old, this cat has a right to have a few expectations. “Stay outta my butt, and I’ll let you be in my company.” She told him…and now they even lay around together.

Wednesday, we went to the creek. Once down by the creek, I took off Peanut’s leash. Nothing about the creek concerned Peanut. He was off and playing…like a duck takes to water…Placing his whole face into the water trying to catch anything. Once it was time to leave, he came to me with what seemed like a request to put his leash back on, so I did. Further into the field, I took it off and let him run with Daisy and Autumn. He scouted and George and I put him back on the leash at the hay barn.

It’s all been a very interesting ride one I felt was going well. But I had gotten so used to Peanut’s compliance that I forgot the first thing I learned within 30 mins of his being here… when Peanut doesn’t get his way, he acts out.

The reminder came today, Thursday, at 8AM…after a great night’s sleep. They begged to play ball…”It’s too early,” I tell them. They insist. It was an odd start as Peanut started attacking Daisy for her ball and not paying any attention to his own. So I put him back on the lead…threw with Daisy for a bit and then it was Peanuts turn. I took him off the lead, threw the ball, he retrieved it and ran around the house. Wait this is not in the program. Never has been. So, Daisy and I go to locate. Yep, he’s just taking a dump in the front yard…pissed and marking…it’s gonna go bad…just then the hay guys pull in and Peanut runs to the truck barking like he might chew their legs off. Really, Peanut…all this time…really…while I’m in my pj’s with no over the shoulder boulder holder…(I’m clear I don’t have boulders, guys, but it rhymes, ok!?) And then with no reason whatsoever, as in a defiant manner, he runs to the base of the driveway into Hume road…with me yelling…and running after him. As I ran, I threw the ball down the drive…hoping the drivers who couldn’t see me yet would see a ball and stop…you know like…ball in the road, child may be close? Right….I get to the entrance the red truck that was in the right lane had three vehicles behind it; two were coming up on the overpass the other direction. And Peanut? Running back and forth in the lanes. I stepped out into the road…yes, in my pj’s…put both arms up with my hands indicating stop in both directions and wishing I had my traffic whistle instead, yelled at the driver of the truck, Stop!!!! He hit his brakes and everyone on both sides did…I walked the middle of the road so they were clear not to move and called for Peanut. He came to me…only about five inches from arms reach and then ran again. The lady who was in front to the line that stopped on the overpass, got out and Peanut finally went to her. I thank the drivers as they passed holding Peanut close to my chest…for several reasons.

Returning to find Daisy sitting at the entrance to the driveway (where she is not permitted to cross) holding the ball in her mouth. I wanted to capture that image…I love to capture life. But right now, it’s just Peanuts.


Peanut as I type this...Probably dreaming about his little run down the road.