Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Papa was caught documenting this incident so I thought I'd share one of the photos with you.

Every week on the first day back to work, we have inspection...our cruiser's are to be clean inside and out. Seems like since I have been on the Friday, Saturday, Sunday RDO's ...every Monday back is either rainy or looks like rain. Well, this Monday it was one of those "bring it on" rains. So, I took advantage of it and did a little's looks like dedication...but it might have just been an excuse to play in the rain!

And it's an opportunity to let the former co-worker from FCDC see I do use the umbrella!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deja Vu

I'm sure you all know that William is the last one home...I'm not sure if he's more difficult then the past five (Ariel would say he most certainly is), but I do know I am tired of the speeches that I have given over the years and how they consistently have to be repeated as if they were never heard before. At fifteen, for crying out loud, don't they get it by then!?

I was thinking...Instead of the same speech over and over again...why not have a pop up player, in the hallway, on the wall, set up with each speech...(it's the same thing over and over anyway)...and instead of raising my blood pressure or wasting my precious time when he has taken yet another half hour shower, I would say, "William, go listen to the "water speech" or when he tells me yet another lie, Go listen to the honesty speech." And so on and so on. Because, I feel like I'm been here before...wasting my breath!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Donna's idiom

So, I am getting ready for work Thursday afternoon and drop to the floor to commence push-ups. My dog, Winston, is lying on the floor approximately 12 inches from my body. Pikachu, my cat, is lying cozy on the bed curled up around my duty belt, as she is a cat with a weapon fetish. My husband is sitting in the chair beside the window, stroking his everloving laptop....

I complete my push-ups and sit back into a shell position...and moan...loudly...and with much expression. Winston, looks up at me, inches away, moans and lays his head back down. Pa doesn't even look up...and Pikachu, the most coziest in the room...jumps up and off the bed, meowing as she quickly comes to my arm and rubs her head against it and continues to cat speak.

Which makes me think...Pika is a female, for sure...she sees a loved one experiencing a diffiicult time...who calls out in need...and without wasting anytime comes to her aid, giving encouragment.

And so...I am reminded to thank all my girlfriends out there...remember we gotta stick together. It's a "dog eat dog world."

Monday, June 1, 2009

and time keeps ticking...

Today we celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary.
*and yes, I passed my final PT test this morning!