Saturday, February 12, 2011

Donna's View 2011

I am supposed to be completing a paper of 2000 words, due today...but Daisy had to go out again. As I'm standing by the back door I am overcome with emotion. It's not an emotion I can label...and since I can't label it I asked myself..."What's going through your mind, Donna." Cause I want to be in control of my emotions. "Just look at it," I answered softly and this is what I saw:

Looking out the back door of my new place, the snow is covering the view in front of me. The big round bales of hay and the long stretch of field. The sky is slowly slipping into morning, with the light peaking through the lite blue. Daisy is like a polar bear when it snows. She walks into the snow and falls to her side, sliding through the cold white and eventually rolling to her back, making snow angels. The view silently whispers quiet and rest.

But in the back ground of it all, even though George Winston's Forrest is playing, I can hear the hum of traffic. So, I walk to the front of the house. From there I can see my rural road, I-75 north and south, I-64 east and west. It's Saturday, but there is plenty of movement on the highway. Steady flow of travelers passing by going about their business. This view doesn't whisper, it speaks loudly, that things must be done, that time doesn't stop.

And I know, I am simply watching from both views; Life. And the emotion I am feeling that I couldn't label; Peace. Peace in knowing I am where I am suppose to be...

...That I will grow in this place. That I will become a better person.

Peace is something I will get used to. I will embrace it. I will pass it on.