Monday, September 15, 2014

Watching For Suspicious Behaviors

On a bank detail today...It gave me time to work on a report left over from beat staffing last night. So except for being apart from my furry feathered babies it's been okay. I watched a little boy enter with his mother (?) this morning. He was having to run to keep up with her as she towed him by his little hand. She grabbed two suckers as they left and he cried wanting to pick his own. She pulled them out of her wallet as they ran out the door and told him to "stop acting like this in public it's embarrassing." I wanted to stop and talk to her about "embarrassing behaviors" but of course not my place. But his little blonde-ness was upset...and the process of getting a bank sucker had a lot to do with it. That was early this morning...And I forgot about it.

Until after 2PM a grey headed elderly man (in his 60's) walked in, conducted his bank business and left pulling the plastic off a bank sucker, looking for the trash receptacle. I directed him to it. He stuck the sucker in the side of his jaw and exited cheerfully. Not a care in the world showing on his face.
And well. I was suddenly aware of the stark difference in what I had witnessed.

Then there was the elderly couple (70-80 yo) that were in the bank to sign papers on a closing. The agent seated them in the office and left to retrieve something. The little old man crossed his arms across his belly as he sank in the chair and let out the biggest longest belch that has probably ever attempted to enter a public realm. The elderly lady swatted him in a stern motherly manner and fussed low enough I couldn't make out what she said. But he "acted" the part of reprimanded. And they sat quietly waiting for the agent to return.
And then the little ole lady probably 70's who walked into the bank when no other customers were present. Only one teller was present as the others were in back doing something and she said,"it's so quiet in here, it would be a good time to rob a bank." -- she scanned the room to the right to see me sitting there in full uniform...and she looked like she saw a ghost. I said to her, "Ah ha....Uh oh!"