Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Should you at any point ...

Should you at any point decide to talk politics with your hair dresser...and should you know ahead of time that you are of different political affiliations...then wait until the color and cut are complete BEFORE you open the floor to political opinions. I left there looking at my hair saying, "What the heck?" I picked William up from school and he turns to me first thing and says, "What did you have done to your hair?" I get home and the Schwan's man is ready to take my order and he says, "Say, now, did you get a new 'do?" I said, "This is what you get when you are a republican and your hair stylist is a democrat." He said, "Why didn't you just tell him, we're gonna win no matter what." *Smile* ...a friendly face. Then Papa comes home and says, "Your hair is a bit shorter than usual." Oh, yeah...let me tell you about a disgruntled man with scissors and a point to be made.

AND everyone will grow out in no time.

Now, to change the topic because I am NOT going there with any of my blogging friends....

Yesterday, I sat down at the main computer in the home and found what I thought was a poem by Papa. It read:

A drink before the war
darkness, take my hand
gone baby gone
prayers for rain

I read it and thought, geez, Pa, that is pretty deep stuff...and I read it again...recoginizing the fourth line of the poem...I realized that this is not a poem at is a list of titles by the author Dennis did I pass that psychological test anyway? Must have been a good week...I'm praying for more.

And finally, yesterday, I left with my grandkiddos to take them back home. I got a piece down the road and realized I did not have my license. EEK! I told Molly and Jake that I had to turn around and go back and get my license. Silence in the truck...

Then Jacob quietly says to Molly, " We could get in trouble with a Police officer." Molly, in a disgusted, get real tone, replies, "Jacob, we are riding with a police officer."
Grinning just replaying it on my head.

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Ariel said...

Too cute about Molly! Hilarious about the titles... and I reserve judgment for when I see your hair though I'm sure with your face, it looks BEAUTIFUL!!