Monday, September 8, 2008

Adjustment Time

I have been awake and drinking coffee since 0330 hrs. My time has been occupied by studies of patrol duties, proper procedures and many other topics. I am fighting myself to stay awake. You know that overwhelming feeling similar to your computer going into "sleep mode"? You feel it happening, you know you shouldn't give in, but the "screen" seems to slowly shut down. To combat this "computer" trouble I thought I might deviate from my studies and spend a minute or two with my blogging buds updating my travels through the FTO phase.

I have completed my first rotation. It was eventful and enlightening. It was first shift 0700 to 1700. Except for having to get up at 0530, These hours weren't that bad. My second rotation begins Thursday...2200 to 0800...these hours are just plain out NOT me. I sleep when it's dark. I get sleepy at night. I love the sun. In order to try and get my system to accept the insufferable hours, I am spending my weekend, getting up at early morning hours...even before it's "time to make the doughnuts."
Any suggestions on making this easier? I'm going to bed at say, 2300 and sleeping 4 hours...getting up with hopes of lying back down at 1000 and getting 4 more hours. Hence, adjusting to being awake during night hours and sleeping during the daytime hours. A fellow recruit officer who was the smartest guy in the class suggested this. (I was the smartest girl, fo shizzle!)

I am using this time to study as the FTO phase of oral boards is approaching. I'm also listening to third shift radio traffic to get an idea of the going ons.

This would seem like everything is in working order. BUT...I have had a horrific headache for the past two days. When I awoke today, I still have remnants of it...I have to wonder if the whole sleep schedule adjustment is going to cause more issues with it. Migriane medication isn't working, nor asprin and tylenol. I have moved up to 4 Ibuprohen. I guess it could be my bodies reaction to Emme's virus she had this past week while she was visiting. Just don't know...I do's got me by it's claws and when I took a report yesterday referencing criminal mischief; I found myself relating to the the piece of cement brick and the shattered rear glass. It is exactly how my head feels. It took the whole thrill of running lights and sirens to an emergency call tetotaly away.

For the cat thinks I'm great...someone to roam the house with in the wee hours of the morning.

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Ariel said...

I can imagine Pikachu would love to see you up and about! After all, you were the smartest girl in your recruiting class!! =) Hang in there lady. You'll get your sleep adjusted. Glad your headache is easing off. I hope it goes away completely!