Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's the perfect time for...

I got up at 3am today...trying to keep myself on a sleep through the day schedule so I must not sleep through the night on my days off. Do you realize how hard it is to pull yourself out of the comfey cozy bed at 3am? Just to wake up and go study...cause I do anything else without waking the rest of the household. However, I should be taking advantage of the time and studing since I have another oral board review coming up Monday, the 22nd. It's just so dark and quiet and a perfect for sleeping.

Yesterday, the weather was fabulous. It was the perfect time for hiking. But instead I had to sleep...This third shift stuff takes a special kind of animal. I pray I do not get placed on third shift after my final rotation. I need time to hike. I need time to be more regimented in my physical training. Sleeping through the day does not allow for these important asspects in life. When the clouds are big and fluffy and the sky is so blue and the leaves are in crunch mode and the air is fresh and's the perfect time for hiking...

I wrote this over six years ago...hiking is aways in the back of my mind.
Thinking of hiking up a steep, rocky trail?
Listening to the sounds of bugs and birds mixed together.
Catching a glimpse of a "toad lizard" as William calls it,
scurrying up the tree for safety.
Tripping over a rock in the path a time or two,
but knowing it will be worth it once you get to the lookout.
Laughing at Craig as he seems to get all the spider webs
that the rest of us shorties have no idea are even there.
Stopping to take photos of the wildflowers that are
just about finished for the summer.
Thinking it would be tasty to try the blackberries that are
abundant along the side of the hiking trail.
Feeling shaky in the knees once you are
at the top looking over the huge rocks,
realizing how far up you came.
Taking your new hiking boots off,
wishing you had broken them in better before you hiked this far in them.
And thinking how nice a cool brook would be about this time
to stick your feet in and cool them off.
Going back down the hill looking up into the canopy of trees,
seeing blue skies above,
feeling closer to God, the Creator in these spaces.
Realizing His awesome power and detail
as you watch the breeze fan through the many different leaves way above you. ..
I know these thoughts are running through your mind today.
At least, now they are.
Besides...You Never Know What You Will See....


Mrs. Who said...

I have to get up at 5:00 every day and DO NOT LIKE IT. I can't imagine having to get up at 3:00!!

aclaypot4him said...

I had to do that through Academy and then in my first rotation of FTO. The Worst part about this 3rd shift crud is that even on my days off I can't afford to allow myself to sleep during the night or I will disturb my sleep pattern...there's no out...I hate it...Hate it...hate it!

Lizzybee said...

Good luck with your new sleep schedule!

Bits of Silver said...

Beautiful pictures! My hubby did not do well on 3rd shift either. He never did get enough sleep. I will pray that you get 2nd or 1st!