Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Witty World of William....

We were leaving church, this morning…William having youth class after the service, leaned over and asked if we would take his jacket home with us. “Are you hot?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he responded, “Most girls my age don’t think so, but I am.”
I’m grinning just typing it out….

While I was breading the chicken breast for lunch, I was talking to William about how great it would be Emmy B to be born on this day…”Eleven, Eleven, two thousand seven,” I said, “But unfortunately, it’s up to Emmy. She’s pretty comfortable where she is.” Then I shouted, “Come on out Emily!” William blurted, “Push her out, Becky!”…Then he raised his arm and shouted, “Fire in the hole!!!”

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Ariel L said...

Too funny!! I too would love to be an aunt four times over today... ::sigh::