Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bonecrushing Cold

I went to see a personal trainer today, Whitney @ Focused Energy, so I can get beat up real good BEFORE I am in academy. You know break myself in and get used to it. She beat me up, for sure. It doesn’t matter how in shape you may be, if you switch up your routine and allow a trainer to decide your fate, you will walk away an hour later, feeling good but spent. But that is not what I am writing about today. Today is the 5th day of the Twelve Days of Thanksgiving. I walked into Focused Energy in a pair of shorts, thin long sleeve shirt and a little jacket. I walked out of the place with snow falling and the wind whipping about. Everything changed and it turned winter. I thought back to driving William to school this morning and at 7:50AM. The thermometer read 43 degrees. Now it is snowing? Too crazy for me…But I know what to do. I go home and put on a winter sweater. Of course, today it’s the sweater that is light blue and has makeshift snowflakes on it. George stayed home from work today as to ensure the safety of those who would have been driving beside him on the road (experiencing symptoms from the medications he was prescribed yesterday). He was wearing a big black sweatshirt. Cozy clothes. Today I am thankful for warm, inviting, comfy clothes (and thrown in some ibuprofen…for my poor achy body). They make the grocery trip and the visit at the hospital much more endurable.


Jessica said...

On cold snowy days I love to sit inside my warm home under a big warm blanket in my comfy clothes. It's simply wonderful!

Mrs. Who said...

Oh. I didn't know it was snowing. Maybe I should occasionally get up from the computer and look outside.

Wait. Nah.