Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How Hazel Got a Teddy

Hazel came to us at the 100  Acre Wood in a strange way. I was an inexperienced Bun Lover at the time. Although I'm so pleased to have Hazel in my family, I have regrets for my ignorance when she came to us.

August 2015...
My granddaughter came to live with me. I had just adopted two kittens from the humane society, Xena and Amy. I was working full time. I was taking care of my ailing elderly great Aunt. During my 10 hour shift that night on the way to a call, I attempted to take a bathroom break at my house. As I pulled out of the driveway... from the light of my headlamps I spotted a bunny with circles around it's eyes, with an ear and a half. I knew I saw what I saw. But I questioned myself if I really did. Yes, a domesticated bunny with a half ear. I ran and got a box. Remember, I'm an ignorant bunny lover at this point. I caught it, rather quickly and with no time did it escape out of the box as I tried to keep it in. I had to get to my call, so I left.

As soon as the call was complete I came straight back to the house and got out on the radio. I texted a fellow coworker and low and behold she was an experienced bunny lover. I told her about the half eared bunny.  She came over and together we caught the bunny. A bunny with circles around it's eyes and two full ears. I caught it with a children's butterfly net and we got it in the box. It had taken some time so I stationed it in the house with some direction from my friend and we went back to work.

Thus the awakening to a bunny love I never knew I had.

Xena was smittened by her and initially I refused to name her because I thought...someone is missing her. The next day I borrowed a habitat from another person my friend knew who raised bunnies. I went and got a habitat that was bigger. And set the borrowed aside. Until, looking out my kitchen window a few days later, I spy with my little eye, a bunny with circles around it's eyes and an ear and a half.

I will tell you right now, it pains my heart to even write about this. My granddaughter named the first bunny, Hazel. The second bunny, I took to the humane society where a pregnant worker took him from me and fell in love with him. I only assume for my heart pain that she kept him. Hazel mourned her love being taken yet again.

They were both dropped off at my driveway. They were mates. As time went by, I found Hazel to be pregnant. She was probably too young. But she struggled for 20 minutes trying to get the first kit out. They were all eight dead when they were born. We tried everything to revive them. Hazel mourned her babies and our hearts broke.

Xena pretty much adopted Hazel. We didn't know at the time but Xena was either born with or caught feline leukemia at the shelter. She passed this February 2017. She took a piece of us with her. Only a year and a half old, she was adored and admired. I had never had a cat like her. And Hazel mourned her friend.

It's difficult to watch a dependent baby mourn so much. I don't do well with observing suffering. I want to make it better. I found the Bun Bun Brigade that was an hour away. My granddaughter and I took Hazel to see if she would accept Teddy. Yes, we chose Teddy for Hazel through the website. Just like we had done Xena. Amy came with Xena because they seemed to be sisters...and they lived like it, too.

After only one night of sleeping separate, tHazel and Teddy were able to share the habitat.

Now, Hazel has a Teddy. And you get to enjoy the "bun-i-ful" joys of their companionship.

The half eared bunny
He was hungry. She was anxious.

I missed you!!
Xena supervising nest making

Amy loves Hazel, too.

Xena and Hazel

Xena and Hazel

Xena and Hazel

Xena and Hazel


And now you know, the rest of the story.

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