Saturday, January 5, 2008

January Tales

Maybe, you've never thought of fishing in January...but Papa does. He went yesterday (01-04)to Bark's Camp Creek with his buddy, Ed. Took a great photo that I asked his permission to which he responds, "Make sure you mention it was 16 degrees."

Ice on the creek, icicles on the eaves, fish hiding in the bottom of the deepest holes.

Wish I could have been there...for the hike...the campfire...and the company...

I was with Pa on 01-05-05 (notice the similar dates, just a day difference in the same month). A very different temperature...very different results.

I love this last photo...I bet he looked the same when he was younger (without the mustache, of course) whenever he fudged something. I can see him looking at his Momma saying, "

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Ariel L said...

I love that last photo too! Looks like he got his hand caught in the cookie jar...