Friday, January 18, 2008

I don't have time to write but William does...

Sharing some poems that William has written this week:

Stalking true, ever silent
the darkness lurks within us all
poison deep rooted
fangs sunk in heart and mind
some try to use it to make their way ahead
but it betrays them all in the end
others ignore it, pretending it isn’t there
but it swallows them in their ignorant sleep
Then there are those who fight it
they face the unending battle
the battle never won
but though it is hard it is also worth it
for they are the ones who truly live
live like no others


Up down left right forward back
north south east west
everything’s twisted inside
where you were going and where you’ve been
all confused and jumbled till you’re afraid to go forward
for fear of going back
your path is lost
the light at the end of the tunnel gone out
crying out for help
is that an answer or an echo?
You started out so strong and confident
storms and criticism couldn’t stop you
but now this, this inner isolation
an attack more deadly by far
if life is a journey it needs a destination
so is no destination like death?
Turmoil and emptiness, chaos and void
they combine inside to rip you apart
you lose faith in God
cause you can’t hear him calling
you stumble in the darkness
and no ground meets you
you fall for what seems an eternity
before being caught in strong arms
you find yourself further along your path
you’ve somehow made progress despite
but best of all rather than chasing the light
you’re embraced in Jesus’ strong arms


The last two he came up with by using words supplied on magnets...

Dark sky cool blue water
full moon silent whispers
imagine believe
ask to see the morning
cold winter rose
live grow sing
light day comes


She dreams of the dance by the ocean
laughing with her love
clouds and warm rain on their skin
she was happy
that summer behind
always remembering gentle music
wondering when will they have time
together again

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