Sunday, December 23, 2007

What was I thinking?

Today, with church, grocery shopping and Christmas Eve dinner to start putting together, three papers to complete, studying for a test, dog sitting, laundry and some sort of PT to do and log...I decide to make sugar cookies. NOT the recipe from my mother-in-law that ALWAYS turns out great, but a recipe out of a know the roll 'em out, decorate 'em sugar cookies. Never in all my baking years...and there's been quite a few of those...have I ever been successful with roll 'em out sugar cookies shaped into stars and Christmas trees. Today of all days I made yet another feeble attempt. I should have gotten a clue when I realized I had mixed 4 times the butter that the recipe called for into the sugar. From there I attempted to quadruple the recipe. Shortly after mixing the part of the flour into the bowl with the eggs and such, the beater blew many of these have I gone through in my 25 or so years of baking? Another one bites the flour.
I finally get the batter all mixed and put in the frig while we ran to Cracker Barrel for lunch...Pa's treat from the company he works for...with plans of returning...finding chilled dough, ready for Christmas transformation. I gave it my best shot. I even went as far as baking two pans full. Both of which went into the garbage disposal...I had no need for more tree ornaments.


Mrs. Who said...

I gave up on homemade sugar cookies years ago when I realized those roll sugar cookies taste just as good. You can slice and bake, then decorate. Or you can roll it out and cut out the cookies and decorate. Just as good. I swear.

Ariel L said...

Oh man! I'm sorry!! Do you want me to bring some cookies tomorrow??

Voll said...

shep i'll have to make you some roll out sugar cookies