Friday, December 7, 2007

Photo Friday....

I thought...maybe, since I'm sooooo busy trying to get 500 things completed before Monday when I start my job as a recruit...I could at least post here you go...I have had lunch and ran errands with some good friends this week and actually remembered to take my camera along...It is my pleasure to introduce to you:

My friend and one of her daughters...we met some years (7?) ago through church...

Emily after a run around town...she loved checking out Subway!

My friend Jessica and her daughter. We met 15 years ago (?) through church.

Doughnut seeds are a vital ingredient with little ones.

Our meeting at the mall.

Tonight Ariel is going to help me wrap presents...decorate the tree and possible complete the assembly of my Christmas cards...I'll post a photo addendum after that...


And here it is...with this little Christmas Angel's help...the big PA and the Jolly Green Giant...I was able to see many things to completion...Thanks, you guys!

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Ariel L said...

So awesome to see pictures of such dear friends!! And yes, doughnut seeds are vitally important!!!!