Sunday, June 14, 2009

Deja Vu

I'm sure you all know that William is the last one home...I'm not sure if he's more difficult then the past five (Ariel would say he most certainly is), but I do know I am tired of the speeches that I have given over the years and how they consistently have to be repeated as if they were never heard before. At fifteen, for crying out loud, don't they get it by then!?

I was thinking...Instead of the same speech over and over again...why not have a pop up player, in the hallway, on the wall, set up with each speech...(it's the same thing over and over anyway)...and instead of raising my blood pressure or wasting my precious time when he has taken yet another half hour shower, I would say, "William, go listen to the "water speech" or when he tells me yet another lie, Go listen to the honesty speech." And so on and so on. Because, I feel like I'm been here before...wasting my breath!

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PrettyinPink said...

Haha I love you so much! I might have to do that some day :0)