Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...That's Bologna...

Last week I came in from the hospital and I was passed the point of hungry. Ever been so hungry you didn’t have the sense to eat? Well, Papa fixed me a sandwich with a V-8 and some Ruffles. It wasn’t just any ole sandwich. It was a poor man’s gourmet sandwich. It was picture worthy…just didn’t have the camera sitting close by or I would have snapped it. I think it could have been sold in a restaurant.
Wheat bread toasted mayo, salt and pepper, pepper jack cheese, baby spinach and fried bologna.
It was tasty, tasty, tasty. I raved about it and gave Papa kudos for the creation…and he said, “Well, appetite is the best sauce.”
And tonight I was reminded of that tonight…it was 6 o’clock and I had gotten Aunt Juanita home and settled in, the 35 days worth of accumulated belongings put away…went to the store / pharmacy…came back and fixed her a peanut butter and mayo sandwich… not typical hospital food you know…and chatted with her as she went through a huge pile of mail…forgetting to eat something myself for lunch. If you had witnessed her coming into the house and moving about, going through this and that you would have never guessed she was just dismissed from the hospital. At 2:45 I got her settled into her “sleeping chair” for a nap…Papa stopped by with a thermos of coffee and left for his appointment. And then it hit again…Granny was at the back door; she came stumbling in and looked all worried. “Donna Lynn” she said, “Will you run me down to the Urgent Treatment Center? My veins don’t look right. I was sitting in McDonalds and looked down at my arm and my veins are really big.”
Now, for a bit of history... Granny watched Aunt Juanita’s cat while she has been in the hospital. Sometime after two weeks of Aunt Juanita being gone the cat, “Skippy” got out and didn’t come back. On March 1st, she came back home, Granny was there…and as Granny fed her, Skippy bit her! Bit the heck out of her hand! And for 10 days I have worried about that hand, she comes and asks me to take her to the doctor…and I wasn’t passing it up. The doctor agreed it looked angry and said to have her back in two days. If the infected hand did not show improvement, she would have to be hospitalized and given antibiotics intravenously. Then it was off to the pharmacy…and to cut it short…I was HUNGRY!
When I got back Aunt Juanita fixed the tomato soup and I fixed the grilled cheeses. Campbell's tomato soup has never tasted so good...And I was reminded again…Appetite can be the bestest sauce.

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Lizzybee said...

Appetite is the best sauce, it's TRUE! However I do love fried bologna too:)