Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Be Still My Beating Heart...

I can’t sleep…I have sooooo much on my mind…

On February 4, 2009 @ approximately 1800 hrs, I received a call from my mother. She advised my Aunt had fallen in her home, that Granny could not get her up, and EC was on it’s way. I arrived and met the ambulance workers as they were taking my Aunt out of the house on the gurney. (Geez, I haven’t blogged in so long I’ve forgotten how to write normally…that all sortta has a report flow to it.)
Since then, for the past 34 days, I have been “hospitalized” and tomorrow I’ll be “dismissed” with my Aunt only to be a house guest in her home until my friend Connie arrives on Friday from Missouri to live with her.
I exercised for about 45 minutes tonight to relieve some stress. Probably would have worked if I hadn’t waited to do such right before going to bed. Just in case you don’t know it…exercising energizes you. It’s one o’clock and I’m wide eyed with a mind so busy, I’m confusing myself with my thoughts.
My mother fell on the 11th of February, Rosie’s birthday =) and was in the hospital for almost a week. She was on one side of the floor, Aunt Juanita on the other. Me? I was all over the place, bouncing from room to room. I always took the stairs…
When Aunt Juanita was stable and progressing in her recovery she was moved from ICU to the fifth floor. Again, I always took the stairs. I was so very thankful the day I moved her from Central Baptist to Cardinal Hill. The fifth floor sometimes three times a day was just about to suck the life out of my young at heart knees.
I wanted to share the stairs with you…at least the art that is up. I past the pieces so many days and still would see something new each time I climbed up or ascended down. The really nice thing about it all was the fact that with each passing I was reminded of different people in my life, which encouraged me in my plight of the nursing assistant. I won't post every photo nor mention everyone here that I was reminded of...Just enough to give a good idea of how the "Art for the Heart" made the journey a bit more tolerable by keeping my mind off of my racing heart.

Aunt Juanita says this one looks like he just belched. =)

This is me when I'm fussing at William
This one reminded me of Rosie

This one reminded me of Alice, Connie's sister in Puerto Rico

The eye with the clouds...Ariel
The apple with the table...Megan
This one reminds me of heart surgery
This one of Courtney, my mentor
This one of my sister, Scarlet
Both of these combined reminded me of Dad and Mom

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Ariel said...

It was a pretty incredible set of stairs! Hang in there lady, your hospital journey is almost over!