Monday, January 19, 2009

“To appreciate the beauty of a snow flake, it is necessary to stand out in the cold.”

At approximately 2AM this morning...I was standing in the parking lot, looking up to the sky...tying to entice a fellow officer to see the beauty in the falling snow. It's so quite out when it snows. There is a certain hush that engulfs you as you stand in the mist of virgin downy white. If you slowing tilt your head back and try to focus on all the delicate snow flakes drifting down, they look like thousand of mobiles dangling from the sky. There's nothing like it. It's almost hallucinogenic. It's too magical to capture on film...I would love to capture it on video and have a piano piece softly playing in the background.
But you can't just throw your head back to look up. The flakes will inevitably land in your eye. There is an art in snow watching. You tilt back slowly and try to be as one with the light falling crystals.
He missed that...I guess in his hurry to get home to his warm abode, he threw his head back and due to the wet substances blocking his view...literally couldn't see what I saw.
"You stand out here watching snow fall, Shepherd...I'm going to get in out of the cold."
I just smiled...I think you are, too.


Jan Ross said...

Yes. I am smiling too. There is nothing quite like watching the snow fall. Although I generally prefer being curled in up my chair with a cup of hot chocolate and a quilt over my knees. Much more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

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