Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An Icy Delimma

Winston anxiously looking back at front door.

Maybe it's his age...but Winston didn't pee until after two pm today...and that was when I drug him around the ground, slipping and slipping...he just couldn't manage to keep his legs steady. What do I do with a ten gallon dog who refuses to pee...follow him around in the house...cause it's gotta come out somewhere. We have taken a shovel out into the yard and broken the ice to provide areas of sure footing, still he has fallen several times. He manages to walk alot steadier if I lead him saying, "Steady, Winston. Slow down. Easy now."
Are your young pups taking potty breaks despite the ice?


Lizzybee said...

Yea, Scout is doing fine. She is a bit confused, but definitely peeing unhindered!

Ariel said...

Oh that's sad!!

Lucy's Mom said...

Bless his heart. That is very sad. It's tough for an old man to have to go ice skating in order to pee. Wish I had some sage advice but icy ground is not something I see much of. Maybe buy a couple bags of sand and make a sandy area where he can walk in the yard?? I think the sand will offset the slippy ice.