Monday, October 6, 2008


I finally got to go on a hike! We hiked a bit over 3 miles at Raven Run. Everyone of my children have hiked there numberous times with me in their lifetime...Every grandchild has been there except Emme B...and she's going go too sometime. Sunday school classes have been, homeschool children have been and several friends have been with me...I can't tell you how many times I have hiked at Raven Run...But what I can tell you is it never gets old to me...


It was all very dry yesterday. Lots of colors...Got to hear and see a Pileated Woodpecker...he was too high up to try and capture on film. Caught one of the two deers we saw on film though...if you stand still they can't see you. The parking lot was overcrowded which made me think the trails would be, but they really weren't that bad. Of course, we didn't take a simple trail. Maybe, that is where everyone else was. I think we took...the road less traveled.

Now, my next destination is to Evan's Orchard...with Emme, and/or Ethan, and/or Molly and Jake...fall 'em!

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Ariel said...

Awesome photos!! Love it! Wish I could've gone!

BTW, I tagged you for a short meme! Check out my blog!