Friday, October 3, 2008


We were walking the dog tonight and I was talking to Pa..."Can't wait till I start 2nd shift next week...I'll be able to get back into a cardio routine. "
*Third shift just makes it incredibly difficult to run. You come in at 0800 and go to wake up at 1130 and toss and turn for an a hour. You go back to sleep and sleep off and on until 1700. You get up, shower, eat, take care of business, visit with the family and get ready for work leaving at 2115. That is on a semi normal day...if you have court or a grandbaby or two birthdays to celebrate in one this week with William's 15th and Jake's 6th...or if the pet needs the get the picture...the time issue is so much more dramatic when you work 3rd shift.
So, I said, "Can't wait until I get to get back into my cardio routine...As an officer I need my cardio...Cardio is what pulls you through when you think you can't go any further."
And Pa says to me, "Oh, yea? I thought that was Oreos."

*grin and sigh*

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