Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend quotes...

Papa came back from his fishing trip with Ed and said, "Ed invented a new toliet for the woods."
"Oh, yeah," I answered.
"Yep, it's the bucket and bag toliet. You sit on the bucket and put the bag over your head and no one can see you." *drumroll*

When taking pictures of the grandkids, Emily wanted to crawl around Silas so I asked him to hold her up...he says, "Okay, but my mom is NOT to see these pictures!"
Sunday morning, the three wake up in their fort they made. Jake comes out to me to get breakfast. "He's still in his swim trunks!" I say, "Oh, that's no big deal." Si says, "I'd never get away with that at home"...I say, "Yeah, my kids would have never gotten away with it either!" He and Molly say, "That's the fun part about being at your Mimi's!" Yep...grandkids sleeping in their swim trunks is not an issue after so many debacles you experience with your own children as they are growing up.
Side note...the swim trunks were not left on since the swimming expedition...we had been home quite some time...the trunks went on in the evening when the rain was pouring down...the opporunity to dance in the rain was not to be missed!
Papa came back from his fishing trip using curse words...if the youngun's weren't here, I'd have held him down and washed his mouth out with soap! His excuse: "Ed's a bad example." Geez, George!

Wish I could remember everything...

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