Wednesday, January 15, 2014

She Reminds Me

 Juanita Carter has lived through a childhood of hard times. She talks of her mama feeding the hobos when they lived on Owsley Avenue and handing out sugar cookies to the neighborhood children.

And she reminds me to give to the needy.

Juanita Carter married a military man who came back feeling the wounds of war. She continued to be his partner despite his tremendously difficult behaviors. She nursed him and his mother through illnesses. She cared for and created a home for them.

And she reminds me to have selfless loyalty.

Juanita Carter has a bond with her baby sister. That took them places. That created adventure. That allowed lives to be touched in blessed ways. That keeps her heart full even after her sis departed this earth.

And she reminds me that friendships are golden.

Juanita Carter did not give birth to any children of her own, but she has many children that love her dearly. She gave to her niece and nephews, great, greater and greatest as if she were the God Mother of all. She has loved their joys, and she has felt their sorrows.

And she reminds me that children are a blessed gift.

Juanita Carter served those in nursing homes and those unable to leave their own homes. She lovingly wrote cards to encourage. She gave gifts. She sang songs and Bible verses.

And she reminds me to shine for others that need the sunlight.

Juanita Carter is a cancer survivor. She survived another surgery in her later years that doctors said would not be life sustaining.  And yet today she still walks miles and miles.

And she reminds me to be a fighter.

Juanita Carter touches the dirt and flowers bloom. She has always had flowers, trees and plants that she has cared for and nurtured. Her knowledge of and continuously love for the blooming growth inspires.

And she reminds me that I can find joy to share when I put my hands in the dirt.

Juanita Carter feeds the birds and the cats of her street. She will not stop. Sometimes I think if she didn’t have the funds to provide for them, she would sacrifice a portion of her food to fulfill their needs.

And she reminds me God has made us masters over these creatures.

Juanita Carter puts her thoughts on paper. She writes encouragement to others. She writes about her journeys so she can remember the adventures to the fullest. She uses words to bless others.

And she reminds me that words can be life changing and the importance of documenting otherwise forgotten moments.

Juanita Carter chose after a stay at Cardinal Hill to put to use the physical therapy she was taught and continued it at home. She exercises regularly. And she has laid a path in her back yard as proof of her steps to stay fit.

And she reminds me to take care of myself.

Juanita Carter is celebrating 93 years upon this earth. She has endured changes in abundance. She has had to say goodbye to many loved ones. She had seen heartache and she has felt troubles around her. Yet she had kept her faith. She has relied on God’s word.

And she reminds me to pray.

And she reminds me I’m in the hands of the Master.

And I like being reminded…by my Aunt Juanita.

Aunt Juanita 93rd Birthday
Aunt Juanita on a trip with Moma and Granny

Aunt Juanita

Aunt Juanita and Granny

Jessica and Aunt Juanita

Aunt Juanita and Skippy

Back home after surgery 2010

Pretty in Purple

Aunt Juanita and I

Aunt Juanita on her 92nd birthday

Ariel and Aunt Juanita ~~~Joy


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