Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things Were Looking Up

Out in the back yard, tossing ball with two furry, impervious to the cold, canines I used the work building to block the bone chilling wind. There happens to be a ladder leaning against it…like for the past four months…I walk under it occasionally just because. Today as I stood under it tossing the ball I was forced to look up…and what I saw spawned a number of thoughts.  Those of you that are frustrated writers understand what happens here…thoughts turn into possible titles…stories…captions and a flurry of brain activity creates a meltdown which leaves you so exhausted from just thinking about it that you don’t even try to put it into words.

My pictures are words, thankfully, so, I have a second outlet option.  I immediately started taking photos to at least capture the moment and allow my thought process to have a backup.

This is what I looked up and saw:

I immediately thought of my sister-in-law, Nancy. How if she could; she’d climb up to the heavens to see Missy Rae. How wonderful it would be to “climb up to heaven” to visit our loved ones, hold them, sit and laugh with them for a spell, and know we can hold them again at anytime.  The stairway to heaven…in my back yard.

This then tossed me into thinking, “The sky’s the limit.” How those I know, including Missy, have pressed on and rose to heights others dare to go. Climbing beyond their boundaries…utilizing what life hands them.

Then my thoughts went back to first grade. The “Rainbow” song. I have sung all my life. It is a simple tune that sings, “When I grow up I will someday, paint a rainbow that will stay. I’ll stand upon a ladder high and paint a rainbow on the sky.” The ladder, the revisiting sadness, the thought of rainbows, this gem I’ve carried from first grade and on as it did with my dying mother, me running outside as she lay bed ridden, to take photos of a double rainbow to share with her.  I still have my first grade music folder, taught by Ms Evelyn at Bath County Elementary.



Of course when I look at it, I’m pleased how at six years old I colored the photo and placed an "M" above the girls head for Melanie, my sister. Not clear as to why I chose her to paint the rainbow, but she was lucky to be the one. Maybe, she “painted rainbows” for me as I was growing…creating hope for her little sister and so I naturally gave her the position on the coloring sheet.
I imagined I might not even had payed attention to this scene had the sky not been so blue and the clouds so fluffy. Blue sky’s create a joy in my soul that cannot be explained. If I had to choose between blue skies and coffee, I’d choose the blue…and that is saying something for this coffee loving diva. Then it would be “Nothing but blue skies…”
And then…since I was all wrapped up in the blue of the sky by now I started trying to capture that, too.


But I couldn’t quite capture the essence of the moment something golden was missing. Didn’t take me long to figure out the missing pieces…as you can see here…Daisy and Autumn accentuate the beautiful sky.

Blissfully Accentuates

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