Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fragile Hearts

I'm taking down my Christmas tree...and I must be so careful with these hand blown glass heart ornaments. Last year I broke several. You can actually hold them too tight, they are so fragile. Some have defects, all have different shapes, but still recognizable as a heart. I was texting with one of my children who is having difficulty and requesting prayers for that family. And I'm taking these fragile hearts off the at a a family tree...of fragile hearts. I'm thinking I'm grateful I can trust my family of fragile hearts...that are a part of my family tree to the creator of the tree...the inspiration for Christmas...and I lay each one gently on the table. My eyes full with tears as I stand back and look...yes, one heart representing each one of my family...even the three new ones added with Craig this year and one for the baby girl coming in the spring. Not one more...not one less. Nothing on my part planned this...and I feel like dancing.

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