Sunday, January 8, 2012

Waking Up to Sunshine

Although some will argue that every day the sun comes up…I will insist that sunshine is not always a factor. However, on the days when the sun does shine brightly across the floors of the house, the yards, gets tangled in stained glass or areas of water, streaks across the ceilings as I drink my liquid life, I am inclined to know this day has all the main ingredients of a recipe for a good day.

Recipes…ever had that day were you had to make a cake…look in the frig and no eggs to be found? With no time to run to the store you hit a search engine to locate a possible detour. You might even run over to a neighbor’s and borrow their (sunshine) eggs. Some cooks store a (sunshine) egg substitute. Whether it is cupcakes you need for your child’s class or a birthday cake; the task is at hand you and are without. The search for an alternate route takes place.

I have found that sunshine is an important variable in my every day equation. I want to be able to work with variables. With variables the equation is solved and I move onto the next problem. With sunshine as a constant variable the problems are always easier for me to solve. Believe me; it has a constant value in my world.

Sometimes I think too much…yeah, I’ve been told that once or twice. So, I won’t put all the ingredients I could into this creation, skipping the red velvet and keeping with a simple white cake. I’ll just stand and hold my face to the sun…feel the warmth on my face, know there are no promises that I will face it tomorrow and be thankful, that this day began with sunshine. Days with sunshine make this tart sweeter…

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