Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Mind = Happy Body?

She felt raggedy and puny. The days wore on and she visited her physician. The tests were run and symptoms diagnosed, antibiotics to be taken, calls to be returned upon results. The world literally spun around her and she fought back the only way she knew how. Sharp stabbing pains in her side would cause her fight to seem of minor effort.

Four nights straight she went to sleep at insanely early hours. She napped during the day. And still she felt dizzy, raggedy and puny…the dishes piled up in the sink, the dog hair floated around the floor in tumbleweed style, and toys littered the floors in every room. Had she showered? She knew she hadn’t but took pride in the accomplishment of having brushed her teeth.

He said, “Happy mind=Happy body”…and she felt as if she were slapped. Now, her mind started playing tricks on her. “Are you so crazy, girl that you have conjured this up?” “Have you made your body sick?” Only the day before, another had said, “Antibiotic? And they don’t even know what is going on?” And the reminder of “stay in the driver’s seat” rang clear in her mind. As the room spun and the symptoms created distraction, she was keenly aware…

Aware of what had to happen. Aware that therapy was essential to her survival efforts. So she commenced to clean…the three days worth of dishes, removing the dust cover from articles all through the house, sucking up the tumbleweeds, wiping, cleaning, moping, renewing. Renewing faith in her, proving she can conquer the lingering darkness her mind had placed on her body. And she cleaned from early evening past her recent early turn in hours and into the midnight hours.

As she showered she felt she washed off the negative dust that was clinging to her, the shadows of doubt flowing down the drain along with the bubbly wash. Drying off was more of a finish she placed on her happy body. The lotion simply created a barrier for future invaders.

She had completed her “therapy” and was ready to sleep. Her mind so busy with thought. The once exhausted mind was revived and ready to think…think…think…but as in any situations she had choices…choices to calm her spirit and sleep…of stay awake pondering until duty called early the next morn.

The dark room was quite except for the gentle sound of the piano music…and she smiled as her head lay on the pillow…cause she knew…she knew sleep is always sweeter if she smiles as she drifts off.

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