Saturday, July 5, 2008

100th Post

I would have enjoyed posting 100 photos that I have taken...or the 100 people who have posted something on my it good or bad...however, I am pressed for time...So...
I remember when Ariel was in Kindergarten and they celebrated the "100th day of school"...Do the elementary schools still do that, Jen and Jan? Each child was to bring in 100 of something...instead of sending Ariel with a bag of 100 buttons, I sewed them on a white t-shirt. Do you remember that Ariel? 100 buttons...
I remember being in first grade...not too, too long ago and dreading when the teacher asked me to count to 100. It always took way too long. I truly hated the daily assignment of writing to 100 on the beginner's paper.EVERY morning we had to write to 100 with the ones lined up to the tens lined up. I think I have hated busy work every since.
Nowadays we have 100 calorie, the magic number for restrained snacking.

And so, to celebrate my 100th post...which would have happened long before now if I weren't so incredibly busy...cause I absolutely love to blog, I am posting some subjects that are worth looking through...for about 100 minutes (probably the average time I used to get stuck on the Internet when I logged on to check my mail). *It's no different than stepping into Walmart to pick up something you really need and coming out with...$100.00 worth of stuff. In all actuality...I probably spend 100 minutes getting this post together!
First...a bit of information regarding the number 100:
Then for your perusal:
100 Photos a Day (I will do this someday)
100 Quotes from Movies.. good trivia material You might have to copy and past this url into your browser
(remove quotations) and scroll down a bit on the page...
100 Word Stories You can post here, too!
100 Words Invite others to your blog using only 100 words
AND in keeping with my college math that happens weekly in the Academy...
Well, I have 100 things to do today...and must sign off...just wondering do you know what the 100th day of the year is?

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Ariel said...

Congratulations on the 100th post! How exciting!! Yippie! and to answer your question, yes I do remember that shirt!