Saturday, March 15, 2008

And the winner is...


Silas won second place in his very first Hapkido tournament today!!! Wish I could have been there! He is a yellow belt...and is due to test for his orange belt. Today he broke two boards...One with a inside axe kick and one with an elbow break.
Did it hurt? Yes, it hurt...but it didn't stop him!

He does 20 pushups / 20 set ups a day, he tells, his Mimi.

"The trophy is almost is big as my car!"

"I'm gonna take it to school on Monday...and it's probably gonna stick out of my backpack!"

Silas, Mimi and Papa are sooooo very proud of you!!!! "Three cheers for the winner!"

(Example of an inside axe kick)

(Example of an elbow break)
PS -Silas, let me know if this are not the right examples! :O)

Silas up to his elbows in winnings!


Ariel L said...

Yea Silas!! That's awesome!!! BIG Congrats to you!!!

Boo said...

Yea, Silas! That's great!!